Quarantine restrictions could hardly stop ballet routine at the Hamburg Ballet. Since the 29th of April, the dancers have been taking small group daily classes, while their artistic director John Neumeier is preparing a new season premiere of  «Ghost Light» ballet set to Schubert's piano solos.

A structure of the piece was inspired by social distancing rules. With the whole troupe of 60 dancers involved in the performance, they appear on stage in groups of 2 to 8 persons to feature what Neumeier refers to as «a sequence of carefully arranged miniatures».

The premiere will take place on September, 6th. The title of the piece traces to an American tradition to place a metal post lamp on stage after the show. It means that nobody is allowed to use the stage until next morning and the lamp is going to lighten it all night long.

Фото: hamburgballett.de